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Messenger Plus! Live 4.82.368
De nieuwste versie 4.82.368 is uitgebracht op 30-06-2009. Deze versie bevat een aantal bug fixes. Deze versie is verder volledig compatible met Windows 7 (RC minimum). Download nu

Messenger Plus! Live is freeware, geen spyware of shareware. Het is 100% gratis en je kunt er voor kiezen om het sponsorprogramma dat erbij zit niet te installeren.

Enkele features:
- Meerdere gesprekken in één venster met tabbladen
- Eigen geluiden
- Messenger op slot
- Contacten op desktop

  • Messenger Plus! is now entirely compatible with Windows 7 (RC minimum) :
    • The Messenger Lock feature has been fixed. A new icon is added to the tray in Windows 7 if an unlock keyboard shortcut is not specified.
    • The default Messenger Lock icon in Windows 7 has been changed to blend in better in the new UI (hourglass: shell32.dll,323).
    • Note: the jump list of Messenger will work properly when using the Multiple-Accounts (polygamy) option but  you'll get the options for only one of your Messenger clients.
    • Tabbed chats display a proper preview (peek) picture with a list of currently opened chats. Chats waiting for input are colorized in the thumbnail and Alt+Tab or Win+Tab combinations also display the proper picture.
    • A couple of other minor fixes here and there to make the Windows 7 experience complete.
  • The settings of your scripts and skins can now be exported from the preferences panel and re-imported back.
    • Only the settings of the scripts/skins are exported and not the scripts/skins themselves.
    • As far as scripts are concerned, only the scripts that put their settings where they're supposed to (see MsgPlus.ScriptRegPath) will be concerned by this new feature.
  • This release is contest-ready!
    • In this version, you will see a new golden icon in your Messenger toolbar. Those who participated in the contest 2 years ago will probably remember what this is.
    • A "Play and Win" menu has been added in the contact list.
    • The 2009 Contest is not open yet, it will be in about a week from now. Remember to give it a try in July!
  • The bug present in beta versions of IE8 has been fixed in IE8 Final. The workaround for displaying long chat logs in the Log Viewer has been removed.
  • Navigation arrows are now added in Windows 7 for tabbed chats, below the Aero Peek thumbnail in the task bar. Use them to switch from one chat to the next.
  • Fixed: the background of the title bars of Messenger Plus! windows does not display correctly with bright colors.
  • When a directory is selected in the Log Viewer, the log currently displayed is removed from the screen.
  • Fixed: default Messenger sounds for event notifications and new external emails aren't played by Messenger Plus! in Messenger 2009.
  • Scripts. Fixed: scripts may be automatically started and marked as "running" the first time Messenger is restarted after a script has been updated, even if the script is disabled.
  • Skins. Fixed: new border areas specified in <Dimensions> do not work in Messenger 2009 Final.
  • Skins: Fixed: the <FrameCount> element in <MetaData> is not used if specified without any other meta data.
  • A couple of stability fixes. Runaway, from the river to the street.

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