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Messenger Plus! Live 4.81.358
De nieuwste versie 4.81.358 is uitgebracht op 23-03-2009. Deze versie bevat een aantal bug fixes. Download nu

Messenger Plus! Live is freeware, geen spyware of shareware. Het is 100% gratis en je kunt er voor kiezen om het sponsorprogramma dat erbij zit niet te installeren.

Enkele features:
- Meerdere gesprekken in één venster met tabbladen
- Eigen geluiden
- Messenger op slot
- Contacten op desktop

# Directories and files in the log viewer are now sorted chronologically, when possible.
# Added "OverrideImgTransfer" registry setting. If set to true (1), Messenger Plus! forces a JPG file to be sent in a file transfer when a picture is pasted in a conversation. Especially useful if you do not like Photo Sharing in Messenger 2009.
# Fixed: custom emoticons that are assigned keyboard shortcuts such as "!" prevent emotion sounds to be sent properly.
# In order to accelerate the uninstaller, scripts and skins removed during uninstallation are now deleted instead of moved to the Recycle Bin.
# Fixed: Log Viewer does not display long chat logs properly when Internet Explorer 8 is installed (I consider this to be a bug in the way IE8 emulates IE7 for WebBrowser controls with Transitional XHTML).
# Fixed: pressing Ctrl+A in a multi-line edit box doesn't have any effect.
# Scripts. ChatWnd::SendMessage() can now be used with an empty message parameter to send the text currently present in the typing area.
# Fixed: the Emotion Sound panel is not properly placed in the chat window when 20 sounds or more are displayed at the same time.
# Fixed: some preferences windows and skin option panels may not be properly scrolled with the middle button of some mouses.
# A new way to support Messenger Plus! will now be distributed in some versions of the setup.

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