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Mess Patch 8.5.1235.517 - Generation 5
Mess Patch G5 is een patch voor Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0812 die
bijna 80 tweaks bevat voor de laatste MSN versie.

Deze patch moet je hebben! Lees snel verder voor de lijst van alle MSN tweaks!

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Algemene opties
Enable Polygamy
Remove Billing Information Menus
Enable Winamp Support For Now Playing Feature
Swap Now Playing Title And Artist
Distinguish Idle From Away Users (English Only)
Disable Spaces Integration In Contact Cards
Enable Multi-line Nicknames (English Only)
Add Sign-In Status In Systray Menu (English Only)
Remove Text Advertisement From Shared Folders Window
Remove Display Pictures From Popup Toasts
Hide My Sharing Folders From My Computer

Main Window Options
Remove Windows Live Logo
Remove Messenger Title
Add Always On Top Button
Translucent Dashboard
Display Picture In Sign-In Window
Allow Status Change When Signing In
Remove Bottom Links In Sign-In Window
Remove Windows Live ID Branding
Switch Tabs To Right Side
Open Display Picture Dialog Upon DP Click
Remove Display Picture In Contact List
Boost Personal Messages To 500 Characters
Remove E-Mail Button
Remove Sharing Folders Button
Remove My Space Button
Remove Windows Live Today Button
Remove Call Button
Remove Colorize Button
Add Sign-Out Button In Upper Panel
Add Personal Settings Button In Upper Panel
Add CustoMess Button In Upper Panel
Move Add Contact Button To Upper Panel
Remove Add Contact Button
Remove Sort Contacts Button
Move Contacts Manager Bar To Bottom
Remove Contacts Manager Bar
Remove Yellow Infobar
Remove Gleams
Remove Emoticons From Contact Names
Remove Emoticons From Personal Messages
Show Contact Status In Contact List (English Only)
Hide Personal Messages In Contact List
Disable Song Links
Remove Advertisement Banner
Remove MSN Search Bar

Conversation Window Options
Add Always On Top Button
Remove Yellow Infobar
Remove Invite Button
Remove Send Files Button
Remove Video Button
Remove Call Button
Remove Activities Button
Remove Games Button
Remove Block Button
Add Send E-Mail Button To Top Toolbar
Add My Received Files Button To Top Toolbar
Center Top Toolbar Buttons
Install Mess.be Custom Games
Remove Webcam Icon
Remove Get Accessories Link
Open Display Picture Dialog Upon DP Click
Hide Display Pictures By Default
Disable Nudge Protection
Disable Nudge Window Shaking
Remove Premium Services
Remove My Dynamic Backgrounds Menus
Remove Bottom Text Advertisement
Remove Advertising Space Area
Remove Emoticons Button
Remove Winks Button
Remove Nudge Button
Remove Voice Clip Button
Remove Font Button
Remove Colorize Button
Remove Backgrounds Button
Remove Packs Button
Center Formatting Toolbar Buttons
Remove Send Button
Remove Search Button
Remove User Is Writing Message
Change Handwriting Tab Images To Text

= Mess Patch Original Feature

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